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Taxation of the foreign individuals in Bulgaria


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Nominal Ltd - Bulgaria, Burgas is an accounting company, specialized in outsource services in the field of accounting and tax consulting. Nominal Ltd provides bookkeeping, payroll processing, VAT services, accounts preparation, completion of tax returns, company secretarial and company registration services.We offer high quality express accountancy services for individuals and companies from all over the world in every district in Bulgaria.


tax return Do I have to submit tax return even if my company is not active?
Yes, every company in Bulgaria has to prepare and submit a tax declaration and annual report to the Tax office (National revenue agency) up to 31st of March on the subsequent year.

accounts Do I have to submit my accounts (financial reports) to the Commercial registry when I haven't got any commercial activity?
Yes, by the regulations, every company (inactive too) should prepare, submit and publish its annual financial report every year up to 30 of June on the subsequent year or 3 months after the re-registration. Companies formed before 01.01.2008 should re-register themselves and to submit their Financial reports for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 immediately and every annual financial report from this year on.

re-registrationWhen is the deadline for re-registration of my company in Commercial registry, and what I have to do after that?
All companies should be registered in the Commercial registry by the end of 2011. 3 months after the re-registration you have to submit your financial reports for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 to the Commercial register. After that you have to submit your financial reports every year up to 30th of June.

Notary deed How the "Notary deed (Title deed)" looks like?
Please, look at the sample:

Financial reportsWho can prepare financial reports?
Only an accountant and under the conditions that he/she has a PhD or MA academic degree with 2 years professional experience, Bachelor academic degree with 3 years professional experience and a specialist academic degree with 4 years professional experience. Drawer can be a highly graduated person with financial specialty different than accountancy with 5 years professional experience as an accountant, or a person with high education (Finance specialized high school) with 8 years professional experience as an accountant.

local taxesDo I have to pay taxes in BG?
Yes. Other tax returns are required if a person or a company is in possession of real estate or vehicles. Every year till the end of March you have to pay your local taxes in municipality where your property is registered.


Foreign persons have to be taxed for some of their incomes, received in Bulgaria. For details see the article "Taxation of the foreign individuals in Bulgaria" .
Nominal Ltd provides accountancy and taxation solutions for all businesses and individuals. Contact us for additional information

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