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Taxation of the foreign individuals in Bulgaria


Accountacy services Bulgaria

NOMINAL LTD - Accountancy & Taxation

Nominal Ltd - Bulgaria, Burgas is an accounting company, specialized in outsource services in the field of accounting and tax consulting. Nominal Ltd provides bookkeeping, payroll processing, VAT services, accounts preparation, completion of tax returns, company secretarial and company registration services.We offer high quality express accountancy services for individuals and companies from all over the world in every district in Bulgaria.


Whilst business success cannot be guaranteed, we can guarantee a successful first step for your business - the formation of a company and registration with the appropriate tax authorities, so that you can focus your efforts on your commercial activity.


Accountancy Bulgarian company registration

Our company formation services are meant to suit both individuals and businesses. We will process all the necessary forms and documents for incorporating a limited company for you.

Company director and shareholders
Your company must have at least one director and one shareholder. The director can also be the shareholder of the company. There is no need to have a Bulgarian partner or manager of the company - any foreign person can have possession of 100% of the shares of the company.

Registered Office address
Your company must have a registered address in Bulgaria and it doesn’t have to be the place where you carry out your business activities. PO Boxes are not acceptable. If you don’t have a suitable address, we can provide you with an address to use as your registered office.

Registered capital
The minimum required capital is BGN 2.00 or approximately 1 EUR.

Note: From 1st of January 2012 all EU citizens can purchase land (except agricultural land) as individuals.
Non-EU resident persons still could own a land through a company registered in Bulgaria under the local requirements, which company is entitled to buy the property as an independent legal person. It will be a regular registered limited company, which can also conduct economical activity.
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AccountancyCommercial Representative Office (CRO, TRO) registration.

Non resident persons (individuals, companies etc.) who have the right to carry out commercial activity under their national regulations can register a Commercial (trade) representative office in Bulgaria in accordance to the Bulgarian Encouragement of Investments Act. The commercial representative office of a foreign company is not an independent legal entity and it cannot operate and conduct commercial activitiy on its behalf. In this case all operations are being executed under the name of the foreign company. Generally speaking, a CRO does not generate incomes and it's not forming a profit. The CRO is not a subject of the corporate income taxation. If, nevertheless, the CRO receive incomes from any business activities in the country, it would be qualified as a “local trading point” for tax purposes, and the foreign Company will be liable in Bulgaria for corporate income tax on the profit made by its CRO.
Note: By the Foreign Persons Act the CRO members have the right of preferential visas and the possibility to obtain an identity card for long-term residence in Bulgaria. The CRO is a subject of registration into the commercial registry of the Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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