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NOMINAL LTD - Accountancy & Taxation

Nominal Ltd - Bulgaria, Burgas is an accounting company, specialized in outsource services in the field of accounting and tax consulting. Nominal Ltd provides bookkeeping, payroll processing, VAT services, accounts preparation, completion of tax returns, company secretarial and company registration services.We offer high quality express accountancy services for individuals and companies from all over the world in every district in Bulgaria.


A dormant company doesn’t carry out commercial activity and has no incomes throughout the financial year (01 January – 31 December). A nil tax return and accounts (financial reports) of every inactive company have to be filled annually, including tax declaration (NRA), financial reports (Commercial register) and a declaration to the National Statistics Institute. For avoiding middlemen's commissions you should contact an accountant or an accounting company directly. NOMINAL Ltd can submit your dormant company’s documents to all tax authorities in every district in Bulgaria.

10 % of all dormant companies tax return fees are donated to Silistra Orphanage organisation of Dougie & Berni Leggett. Please, visit their website:

Dormant company complete service:

Dormant accountss The dormant company complete service consists of 2 stages:
Stage 1 - National revenue agency and National Statistics Institute
• Preparation and submission of tax return to NRA;
• Preparation and submission of commercial inactivity declaration to NSI;
• Preparation of yearend accounts (annual financial reports).
Stage 2 – Accounts submission in Commercial register
• All companies have to submit their annual accounts (financial reports) to the Commercial register up to 30th of June on the subsequent year. The account consists of Balance sheet, Incomes report, Cash flows report, Capital report, Assets report and more than a dozen additional references, which have to be prepared only by a certified and experienced accountant in accordance with Accountancy Act.

Nil tax returnIf you choose Nominal Ltd to prepare your dormant accounts and to submit your financial reports to the Commercial register you can do it easily:
Please, be sure you have scanned or copied all necessary documents listed below:

To meet the terms of the legislative requirement for your dormant company’s nil tax return and accounts we need:
Scanned copies of your notary deeds and invoices for other main assets (cars, boats, yachts etc.)
Bulstat number
Copies of the company director(s) and the shareholder(s) passport(s)/ID documents

Please attach all scanned copies of the above-mentioned documents and e-mail them to us at taxreturn@smetki.com. You can send them by post too, or you just can visit our office not later than 25th of March.
In few days you will receive a confirmation e-mail with scanned NRA registration notice of acceptance and registration number from Commercial registry, which means your tax return and accounts are completed successfully.

Please pay attention that annual tax return has nothing in common with your local authorities, council or municipality taxes, fees and declarations – housing, land, vehicles and other annual property taxes. We are not able to provide such a service and you should take care of these obligations separately.

Nil tax return Notice:
1. If you’ve been already our client and there are no changes in your status (re-registration, selling or buying assets, change of passports or other personal data etc.), you don't have to send these documents again, just inform us that you order Nominal Ltd to complete you tax return again.
2. Please specify the payment method you prefer, if you haven’t alreay paid through our website (with PayPal checkout)! See the page "
Fees and offers" for details. After we receive your payment, we will complete and submit your documents to NRA, Statistics and (If you’ve requested that) to the Commercial register.
3. Please, pay attention that Commercial register requires a fee for publishing your company financial report, which is included in our fee and it is not payable separately.
4. You can request only the nil tax return (NRA, Statistics and Financial reports preparation) without submission to the Commercial register. In this case you should take care of the submission by yourself or to contact your solicitor. Please specify if you need or if you don't need Nominal Ltd to submit your annual accounts (financial reports) to the Commercial register.
5. If a shareholder is a foreign entity (company, corporation etc.) Commercial register can require additional documents, proving the existence and registration of the entity itself. All documents should be translated and legalised in Bulgarian language. All additional costs should be paid separately.

Dormant accounts fees Pricing:

• The fee for dormant company complete service
(Tax return + Statistics + Accounts preparation + submission in Commercial register) is 100 EUR a year.
• The fee for "Nil tax return only"
(Tax return + Statistics + Accounts preparation) is 55 EUR a year.
For additional information don't hesitate to contact us, please.
Contact us.
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